Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tourism Brochure 2009 - Anglesey

Morning all, just received the delivery of the Isle of Anglesey Tourism Brochure for 2009. The 60 page brochure is produced in full colour and 100,000 copies are printed at Westdale Press, Cardiff. Hopefully it will be voted once again (same as last year) "As the best brochure in Wales & Britain".

Another successful project completed.

Paper work to clear all day today and then office will be closed (as noted on my website) from 5pm today until 5th January, 2009

Cup of Tea and a Bacon Bap!!

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  1. Shame you had no control over the boring and clichéd front cover pic though Steve, a real let down I'm sure within your designs? We used to see old postcards of Cornwall like that in the 70s. I thought that sort of shot died out by the eighties!!!