Thursday, 27 August 2009


Sorry for not posting anything since end of June. Its been very busy between everything, work, home, travelling, holidays. Just back from 2weeks in the sun, therefore fully recharged the batteries and ready to work again, and also to market the company more in various ways possible.

Ive finally logged in with Twitter and Flickr!

Few examples of projects we at CREAD have finalised and currently working on

- Stena Summer Camapign (Example)
- Anglesey Farmers Market (Example)
- BBC Radio Cymru (Ongoing)
- Filming for S4C / Telesgop 'BRO' Llanfairpwll
- CYMEN, Cfon Folder design
- Aqua Marketing
- Padarn Bus Ltd
- Illustraions for Forestry Commission
- Geo Park Leaflet
- Beacon Climbing Centre (Example)
- Syndicate Lofts Promotional Material (Ongoing)
- Peris Horshoe Mountain Race Poster
- Genesis Pronotional Leaflet
- Dechraun Deg leaflet
- Anglesey Tourism Brochure 2010 (Ongoing)
- JK Construction Brochure (Ongoing)

- CREAD Marketing, flyers, vehicle graphics, webiste in progress

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