Friday, 19 August 2011

Reit Blog - Right then Blog

Sumai pawb - mae CREAD dal yn bodoli, ddim wedi cael amser ogwbwl i diweddaru y blog oherwydd amser, gwaith, a rhyw ras wyddfa. Gwaith wedi bod yn hectic, ofnadwy o brysur a mi fyddai yn diweddaru chi mewn chydig o oriau o be rydym fel cwmni wedi bod yn ei weithio.

Helo everyone - CREAD is still in business, dont worry. Havent had no time at all to update the blog and keeing everyone informed, hectic, busy with projects, and a race called snowdon race to organise. Its been a very hectic few months, and I will be blogging details and images of our projects within the next few hours.

New Website under construction -
Currently have a home page........

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